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Our Policy

Collaboration is more than one of our core values; it is at the heart of our ethos. As a fund, we are a small part of a greater ecosystem that constitutes the Texas, national and global economies. What we do has a ripple effect within this ecosystem and we recognize that the greatest achievements are accomplished by the many and not the few. We are mindful of our impact and we focus on collaboration within our team and with our portfolio company managers, social and government institutions, and our greater community, to do well by doing good.


Our investments heavily overlap with the health sub-themes of social impact investing described in the Impact Investing Market Map Report published by the PRI.  We have sound investing coupled with philanthropic aims, while nonetheless not accepting concessionary returns.

Team Diversity

We seek to bring a range of perspectives to the table through diversity. Diversity comes with the benefit of coupling life experience and technical experience creating valuable insight. Our diversity frees us from biases and cognitive entrenchment because our team approaches problems from a variety of different views based upon their unique backgrounds and life experiences.

Good Governance

Transparency is a core value of our firm. We have detailed internal reporting processes to ensure transparency to stakeholders and recognize that we are accountable as individuals and as a firm. We believe in an open chain of communications with a 360-degree conversation where CEOs can speak with janitors and visa versa. Open and honest communications is the lifeblood of the trust between all stakeholders. Our information is never siloed and bad news, not getting better with time, is addressed immediately.

Creating Equal Opportunity

The equitable treatment and mutual respect of and amongst all employees within our firm and those of our portfolio companies is essential. We strive for a high level of engagement and communications with our team and our portfolio company employees and managers to enable our talent and enhance employee retention. We comply with both the spirit and letter of the labor laws and health and safety regulations governing us.

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