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The State of Texas is leading the nation in population growth and the ethnic and cultural diversity of its population continues to flourish. People from around the world are moving to Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth in search of economic opportunity. Major technology companies are transitioning their headquarters to the Lone Star State. The Texas Medical Center has grown world class medical institutions that attract distinguished healthcare providers, and those in need of bold new treatments. A new age of space exploration is beginning as NASA is looking to revisit the moon, Mars, and beyond; and private industry has taken an interest in south Texas as a base of manufacturing and launch capability. Already a leader in wind energy, a solar energy boom is now beginning in Texas. Currently a top-ten global economy at the level of nations, Texas has the potential to lead the pathways of innovation for the US and the world in the 21st century and beyond.


Our technology practice is fueled by the dedicated entrepreneur. We accelerate growth of disruptive enterprise by providing our portfolio companies not only with capital investment, but connecting them with organizations and individuals that allow them to quickly differentiate and grow. Our network includes connections with a breadth of both startups and large technology companies that can quickly bring a small company in front of the right audiences to help fuel their innovative ideas, making their vision a reality.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Our commitment to healthcare, including supporting strong basic research in emerging areas of life sciences, will bring novel treatments and approaches to improving human health in a new age of breakthrough discoveries and personalized medicine. We invest in oncology research and promising new cures for cancer, specifically in conjunction with organizations identified by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). We are mindful of emerging needs to navigate public health in unique ways that incorporate innovations in direct intervention techniques and preventative methodologies of behavioral choice. We have strong ties to organizations in the Texas Medical Center. Convergence has an MOU with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center outlining the intent to form a translational research relationship to accelerate the development of innovative discoveries made by researchers at the institution.

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