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Greffex’s platform has numerous applications for delivering vaccines, gene therapies, cancer treatments, and transplantation therapies.


Greffex Universal Vaccine Application

We have an advanced, universal vaccine platform that delivers unprecedented time-to-market, cost efficiency, efficacy and safety through the use of proprietary clean adenoviral vectors.

• Pipeline of over 12 vaccines including SARS-CoV-2, H5N1, Universal Flu, MERS-CoV, Anthrax, Ebola, tetravalent Dengue, Zika and Lyme’s disease

Greffex’s Competitive Advantage

When you start with a better foundation, the end result is enhanced. Greffex’s foundation is a fully-deleted, helper virus-independent adenoviral vector used to introduce genetic sequences for any chosen array of pro- teins. This technology is patented. No one else has such a clean vector (100% clean) with such a large payload capacity (33kb).

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